Sold but gold

Have a look at the crazy stuff thats already sold. Maybe you‘ll find one of these at your neighbours house? 

We ain’t flexers but some of them just were made to, check out the things we sold to „Jan Boehmermann, Marvin Game, Uke Bosse, Giulia Siegel, Plusmacher, Aurel Mertz“ and many others.

HotCock 50x60
Knarrmingo 70x90
Discoschnupfen 2 60x80
Bread'm´n Butter 60x80
Affenkopf 60x80
Pelikan 60x80
Discoschnupfen 1 60x80
Mösenpick 60x80
Pfau 60x80
FernSeh 50x60
Apple 50x60
MegaHerz 50x60
Psssst 100x100
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